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The 'Driver Award'
The 'Driver Award'

'The Driver' Award

`THE DRIVER' is an annual award presented to the most proficient RACT private soldier in Tasmania 

Selection Criteria:
·        Must be a private soldier posted to the RACT in Tasmania during the past 12 months, ending 31st March.
·        Qualified AIRN.
·        Demonstrated regular attendance.
·        No convictions in the past 12 months.
·        A willing volunteer and `equal to the task'. 

Eligible recipients are to be nominated (in writing) by Sub Unit commanders to the RACT Association Selection Committee no later that 30 April each year. 

The Award:
·        The annual award will be announced at the RACT Corps birthday function (normally 1st Sat in June)
·        Winners name will be inscribed on the `The Driver' trophy which was presented by HONCOL D. M. Wyatt, RFD, W02 G. Williams and Mr D. J. Button.
·        Winner presented with a framed certificate as well CD of `Par Oneri 44', signed by Chairperson of the RACT Association of Tasmania.

The trophy is made from brass and is a minature of "The Driver" statue depicted below:


        The Driver Award being presented at the RACT Anniversary dinner 4 June, 2011         The Driver Award being presented at the RACT Anniversary dinner 2 June 2012


PTE S. F. Walsh (Winner in 2013)                                           PTE N. D. Eyles (Winner in 2014)           

 PTE L. Karamanis (Winner in 2015)

PTE C. Webb (Winner in 2016)

PTE Jen Mathias (Winner in 2017)

PTE Rohan Polanowski (Winner in 2018)

The Driver Award has been presented to:
2004               8215237 PTE Steven Gleeson,      160 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB
2005               8299665 PTE Beck Cam
pton,        172 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB
2006               8442109 PTE Kevin Tibballs,         172 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FS
2007               NA
2008               NA
2009               8518180 PTE Andrew Fuller,          160 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB
2010               NA
2011                8515393 LCPL Kate Perkins,         172 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB 
2012                8545253  PTE J. K. MaCrae,           160 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB
2013                8524061 PTE S. F. Walsh,               160 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB
2014                8485117  PTE N. D. Eyles               172 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB

2015                8546069  PTE L. Karamanis           160 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB
2016                8581002 PTE C. Webb                    160 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB
2017                8567407 PTE J. C. Mathias            172 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB

2018                8598429 PTE R. Polanowsk           172 Tpt Tp, 44 Tpt Sqn, 2FSB 

What kind of man was he, this driver?
Of brawn and bulk, as solid as the earth.
With his grip of steel and hoop iron girth,
He, and his team, they proved their worth
                Over and Over

Where did he come from, this driver?
Turned from the plough,
And summer days of gathering hay
Or was it a city brewer’s dray?
To this his nation's debt to pay
                Over and Over

What did he do this driver?
He came to fight the war
For King and Country, so he said
And, having said, with nought to dread
He bore his load, and mourned the dead
            Over and Over. 

Where is he now, this driver?
For both his team and he are long since gone
It’s true, but now, since armies still march on
He passed the load to me, his son.